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PR & Marketing

Media and Influencer Collaboration

We collaborate with major influencers and media from all regions in the world (including China) that are relevant to your game and create catered campaigns for all different game platforms.

Event Presence

We have a presence in all major game events around the world, we have been in Gamescom, GDC, PAX, all major Chinese events, and Tokyo Gameshow, you name it, even online events. 

Community Growing and Running

We help you grow and manage an engaged community on different platforms such as Discord and China-specific ones. As well as steam community and wishlists. 

Press Releases

We used our repertoire of media outlets as well as collaborated with local PR agencies to extend our reach to every corner of the world even China.

Physical and Digital Goods​

We craft and design goods and assets for any purpose such as events, Kickstarter, sales, media, and any other kind of campaign we might need.





Special event and activities brainstorming

The team and you gather together to develop unique ideas that will help promote and viralize your project.

Physical marketing

On the train on the street at the event, if it comes to that we can do it. 

Native understanding of the biggest market in the world

We fully support ISBN application, Chinese game platforms, and SDK to ensure your potential is maximized.

Other Services

Contact us if you could not find what you need.

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